Preston Innovations Space Saver Keepnets

Preston Innovations Space Saver Keepnets

NEW 2m version now available! These nets have an innovative reversed top ring that allows you to fit more keepnets in front of you. Available in 2.5m and 3m lengths.

Size requiredOur PriceQuantity
2m (carp mesh) P0140038£44.99
2.5m (carp mesh) - P0140016£49.99
3m (quick dry mesh) - P0140017£54.99

Product Description

The Space Saver range of keepnets offers the perfect solution to net limits on commercial style fisheries. The unique reversed top ring saves a vast amount of room when used in conjunction with a OFFBOX TOOL BAR. It is possible to have up to five Space Saver Keepnets in place with a Tool Bar, perfect for strict net limits which are a common place amongst modern day match angling.

Three sizes are available starting off with the shortest 2m version. This shorter style net has been developed to save valuable space when multiple nets are in place, the shorter length is ideal where net limits are in place. Featuring a robust carp style mesh & FIX Angle this net is ideally suited to commercial fisheries.

The second model in the range is the 2.5m carp mesh version features an ultra-durable material making it the ideal Keep Net for use on Commercials when large bags of carp are the target. The shorter length means that the nets are ideal for the tight pegging on commercials and will not interfere when fishing close to the bank.

The final model in the range is a 3m Quick Dry version, this material is super durable and dry's extremely fast thanks to the wider mesh design.


  • Innovative reversed top ring allows you to fit more keepnets in front of you
  • Tried and tested Fix Angle locking system
  • Tried and tested fix angle locking system
  • Available in 2.5m and 3m lengths



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