Sensas Float Shotting Tubes
  • Sensas Float Shotting Tubes & Shotting Aids
  • Sensas Float Shotting Tubes & Shotting Aids

Sensas Float Shotting Tubes and Stonfo Float Shotting Aids

A selection of float shotting aids including Sensas Float Shotting Tubes, Stonfo Dosapiombo & Levapiombo tools.

Item requiredOur PriceQuantity
Sensas Float Shotting Tube Small£19.99
Sensas Float Shotting Tube Large£42.99
Stonfo Dosapiombo Float Shotter Tool SMALL£7.99
Stonfo Dosapiombo Float Shotter Tool LARGE£7.99
Stonfo Shot Remover Pliers£8.50

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Product Description

Sensas Float Shotting Tubes

Quality and highly essential items when making up pole rigs. these tubes feature a super sturdy base making you rigs ultra accurate and the making of them hassle free!

Small - 3 inch diameter x 23 inch height

Large - 4.5 inch diameter x 31 inch high


Stonfo Dosapiombo Float Shotter Tool

This clever device allows you to calculate the exact shot required for pole floats before making your rigs.

2 sizes are available, for thin or thick float stems.


Stonfo Levapiombo Shot Remover Pliers

A double tool in one. One end of the tool is used to remove all sizes of shot and the other end is used to slide shot without damaging the line.

It also serves to tighten Styl or shot on the line.


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