Sensas Tracix - Fishing Bait Dyes

Sensas Tracix - Fishing Bait Dyes

Sensas Tracix is a powdered fishing bait dye for groundbait, meats, corn and pellets which can produce an attractive cloud when put into your swim.

ColourOur PriceQuantity
Yellow - Lemon£4.99

Product Description

Tracix will colour and help to cloud your different groundbaits for the days when dark or light mixes are needed. Just add directly to your dry or wet groundbait mixing energetically or simply adding to the water before you mix your groundbait.

Available in 7 colours:

  • BLACK - ideal for colouring your groundbait in winter, especially when fishing for roach.
  • YELLOW - for big fish on the bottom, and bleak at the surface.
  • WHITE - great for carp and bream on the bottom, and small fish at the surface.
  • BROWN - use at the start of the season for roach, bream and bleak where there are predators about.
  • ORANGE - use in summer for big fish.
  • Also available in YELLOW - LEMON

Supplied in 100 gram tubs



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