SONU Bream Feeder Groundbait

SonuBaits Bream Feeder Groundbait

This new groundbait is a good carrier for particles like maggot, caster or corn and creates a good feeding area. Also includes a new ingredient called Yellow MistĀ which creates a yellow cloud .

SonuBaits Bream Feeder Groundbait £6.99

Product Description

This new Sonu groundbait is great at carrying particles like maggot, caster or corn and creates a good feeding area. Also included is a new ingredient called “Yellow Mist” which gives a yellow cloud to the water, but the groundbait also has heavier particles in it to keep the bream feeding on the bottom.

One of the main requirements for this mix was the colour, it had to be golden yellow which is traditionally associated with bream. The main reason for this is that it stands out better on the bed of a lake or river, especially when you put plenty of groundbait in to create a feeding area.

In addition to the colour it had to have a few heavy particles in, as these really hold the bream in the swim as they sift through the groundbait in search of food items. It also had to contain a large amount of fishmeal as this has become part of their regular diet. It needed to be quite a fluffy mix so it could come out of the feeder, but also had to bind well so it could take particles to the bottom in a feeder or when being balled in on the pole line.

Supplied in a 2kg bag


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