SONU Supercrush Groundbaits
  • SONU Supercrush Groundbaits
  • SONU Supercrush Groundbaits
  • SONU Supercrush Groundbaits

SonuBaits Supercrush Groundbaits

Supercrush Green, F1, Krill and the new Cheesy Garlic Crush flavours all available.

GroundbaitOur PriceQuantity
Supercrush Green£6.99
Supercrush F1£6.99
Supercrush Krill£6.99
Cheesy Garlic£6.99

Product Description

SONU Supercrush Cheesy Garlic

This bait is a blend of hemp, crushed halibut pellets, garlic & cheese powder.
Ideal for feeders on rivers and lakes.

  • Supplied in a 2kg bag.

SONU Supercrush GREEN

A groundbait made from pure crushed Green Koi Pellets with added feed stimulants, finely sieved for the perfect consistency and texture. Super rich in fishmeals, fish oils and fish attractors, this unique groundbait will help put more fish in the net! After extensive research and field testing SONU have created the ultimate green groundbait. Due to the fine sieving and the uniform size, Supercrush Green will also easily create the perfect paste.

SONU Supercrush F1

This is a revolution in modern fishmeal groundbaits. SONU Supercrush F1 groundbait has been designed with Des Shipp and Tommy Pickering for catching F1’s and commercial carp. It has also proven to be very successful with skimmers too. Since its release it has been the groundbait of choice by many top anglers and proved devastating in many matches at many different venues.
By adding a unique blend of sweet attraction to a blend of fishmeals and crushed pellets SONU have created a groundbait which starts catching from the whistle, and has prolonged holding power ensure the fish stay in your swim.
It is easy to mix, binds well to a method feeder and breaks down quickly; this is all down to the ingredients used. The fine fishmeal particles create an inactive mix when dampened which is perfect for a rapid breakdown of feed around the hook. The crushed pellets make F1 easy to mix and perfect for the method. It can also be balled, or cupped in as slop. It is at its best when mixed the night before but can be mixed on the bank.

SONU Supercrush Krill

This is made from blended and crushed krill, fishmeals and pellets to create a versatile groundbait. It is easy to mix and can be used on the feeder or pole. It has a distinctive and pungent aroma that fish can't resist!



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