Gardner ATT Bite Alarms & Receivers
  • Gardner ATT Bite Alarms & Receivers
  • Gardner ATT Bite Alarms & Receivers
  • Gardner ATT Bite Alarms & Receivers

Gardner ATT Bite Alarms & Receivers

OptionOur PriceQuantity
Single ATTs Alarm Blue£69.99
Single ATTs Alarm Green£69.99
Single ATTs Alarm Purple£69.99
Single ATTs Alarm Red£69.99
Single ATTs Alarm White£69.99
Single ATTs Alarm Yellow£69.99
V2 ATTx Receiver Multi Colour£79.99
V2 ATTx Receiver All Blue£79.99
V2 ATTx Receiver All Green£79.99
V2 ATTx Receiver All Purple£79.99
V2 ATTx Receiver All Red£79.99
V2 ATTx Deluxe Receiver Multi Colour£125.99

Product Description

  • Rubberised finish - soft touch non-reflective rubberised finish for total rod protection.
  • Built-In Transmitter - Compatible with the ATTx V2 Receiver (only) - the alarms must be programmed into an ATTx V2 receiver, which provides all the audible and vibratory indication.
  • No buttons or knobs for increased reliability - put your rod on it and it's ready to use.
  • "Intelligent" Protective Hard Case as Standard - this also acts as the ON/OFF switch for your ATTs, disabling the battery when fitted - remove the Hard Case to turn the ATTs ON.
  • 100% Watertight...and we mean 100%! The absence of buttons, jack-plug sockets and speakers reduces the risk of water ingress and electronics damage.
  • High 'Ears' - to prevent lateral rod movement and reduce the risk of a rod being pulled off the alarm on vicious takes.
  • Unique 'False Beep' System - the ATTs introduces a bite detection system that will not cause false beeping like other roller wheel alarms do. (Patented)
  • Digital Circuitry - the ATTs alarm comes with a high standard of digital circuitry and FM Radio for total reliabilty and performance.
  • Low Battery Warning System - signals the ATTx receiver which will beep to warn the user of a low battery state on any ATTs head.
  • Full 2-year Gardner/ATT Warranty - as with the V2 ATTx System and other recently-released ATT products.
  • Multi-coloured user-changeable 2, 4 or 6 magnet roller wheels are available separately - with the 2 magnet wheel the receiver beeps once per 1cm of line movement. With the 4 magnet wheel the receiver beeps once per 0.5cm of line movement. The 6 magnet wheel is ultra-sensitive and beeps once per 0.33cm of line movement. The ATTs is supplied with a Black 2 magnet wheel as standard.
  • Betalight Slot on each ear - dedicated ATTs Tritium Max Betalights are sold separately.
  • Brass Fittings - fixing bolt and nut; will not corrode.
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight - with dimensions of 34mm x 21mm x 63mm it is easily the smallest alarm available on the market.
  • Supplied already fitted with a Free Test Battery as standard.
  • Available in 7 different LED Colours - Blue, White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow and Purple. The ATTx Receiver is also available with all these LED options.
  • Height = 61mm, Width = 33mm, Depth = 21mm.


V2 ATTx Receiver

Key feature include 5 tune-able channels, tone control, volume control, vibrate on/off and excellent range.

Single colour LED options include all Blue, red, purple, green, yellow, orange, white.

The V2 ATTx receiver only requires a single AA battery (battery not included) and in use this single battery will last up to 6 months of regular angling.

V2 ATTx Deluxe Receiver

  • The Deluxe Receiver now features an in-built stub aerial that gives the receiver extra range and it now uses 2 AA batteries. This small change means that


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