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Ondex Spinner Lures

Many a big predator have fallen to these over the years as they can be used on any water and are especially effective when its sunny as their spinning blade catches the light looks like a small fish flashing.

OptionOur PriceQuantity
Size 3 Gold 3g£2.99
Size 3 Silver 3g£2.99
Size 4 Gold 5g£3.25
Size 4 Silver 5g£3.25
Size 5 Gold 7g£3.50
Size 5 Silver 7g£3.50
Size 6 Gold 9g£3.75
Size 6 Silver 9g£3.75

Product Description

This world famous spinner needs no introduction.

Known the world over The Ondex spinner has caught fish from all corners of the globe.

With its red, pulsating tassle on the treble predators find it impossible to resist this almost `magical` spinner that every angler should keep in their box.

Available in 4 sizes and 2 colours



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