Bulk Boilies at a great price
  • Fishery Boilies at £3.95 a KG

Quality Boilies - Mix & Match Minimum of 5 Bags - from £3.95 a kg

Some of the best boilies around with a great discount when you buy them in bulk, starting from as little as £3.95 per kg for the Fishmeal Fishery Boilies. Also available are Dynamite Baits: Complex-T, The Source, The Crave, Monster Tigernut, and Red-Amo. YOU NEED TO ADD 5 BAGS TO YOUR BASKET TO CHECK OUT. You can mix and match different Boilies.

OptionRRPOur PriceQuantity
Complex T 15mm 5kg -DY1088£54.99£33.75
Complex T 18mm 5kg -DY1089£54.99£33.75
Complex T 20mm 5kg -DY1090£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Complex T 15mm 5kg -DY1093£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Complex T 18mm 5kg -DY1094£54.99£33.75
Source 15mm 5kg -DY078£54.99£33.75
Source 18mm 5kg -DY067£54.99£33.75
Source 20mm 5kg -DY079£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Source 15mm 5kg -DY076£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Source 18mm 5kg -DY077£54.99£33.75
Crave 15mm 5kg -DY919£54.99£33.75
Crave 18mm 5kg -DY921£54.99£33.75
Crave 20mm 5kg -DY920£54.99£33.75
Tigernut 15mm 5kg -DY391£54.99£33.75
Tigernut 20mm 5kg -DY392£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Tigernut 15mm 5kg -DY389£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Tigernut 18mm 5kg -DY390£54.99£33.75
Red Amo 15mm 5kg -DY395£54.99£33.75
Red Amo 20mm 5kg -DY396£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Red Amo 15mm 5kg -DY393£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Red Amo 18mm 5kg -DY394£54.99£33.75
Fishmeal Fishery Boilies 15mm 5kg£39.50£19.75

Product Description

All of our Boilies are purchased direct from the manufacturers at the best price available, passing the savings straight to you! We’ve got a range of high quality baits from selected manufacturers who have a reputation for producing some of the best baits on the market.



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