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Drennan Flat Method Feeders, Moulds and Connectors

Two sizes and three weight options available. Can be bought as a complete kit (with bait mould) or as individual feeders.

DescriptionPart CodeStockPriceQTY
SMALL 15g Starter Kit + MouldTFFFBS15In Stock£5.50
SMALL 25g Starter Kit + MouldTFFFBS25In Stock£5.50
LARGE 25g Starter Kit + MouldTFFFBL25In Stock£5.50
LARGE 35g Starter Kit + MouldTFFFBL35In Stock£5.50
SMALL 15g + ConnectorTFFFLS15In Stock£2.85
SMALL 25g + ConnectorTFFFLS25In Stock£2.85
SMALL 35g + ConnectorTFFFLS35In Stock£2.85
LARGE 25g + ConnectorTFFFLL25In Stock£2.85
LARGE 35g + ConnectorTFFFLL35In Stock£2.85
LARGE 45g + ConnectorTFFFLL45In Stock£2.85
Method Connectors PackTFFQCC000In Stock£2.85

Product Description

Drennan Flat Method Feeders - IMPROVED DESIGN!

With this improved Drennan design of method feeder, the lead in the flat base and the bait load combine to distribute the weight into an aerodynamic bomb shape. This increases casting distance and improves accuracy, particularly in strong cross-winds. On the body of the feeder the two largest bait-holding ribs are well spaced and curved away from each other. This leaves a generous gap so the hookbait can be placed in the optimum position.

The easy-release bait mould really is simple to use, forming and releasing perfectly shaped groundbait or pellet mouldings. The special line connector is ideal for loop to loop attachment. It allows quick change of both hook links and feeders, and has a breaking strain of 32lb.

Two sizes of feeder are available, with three different weight options in each case. The feeders can either be bought as a complete kit (with bait mould and connector) or as individual feeders with a connector. Spare connector packs are also available separately.

Options available:

Starter Kit With Bait Mould & Connector

  • Small - 15g
  • Small - 25g
  • Large - 25g
  • Large - 35g

Individual Feeders With Connector (no mould)

  • Small - 15g
  • Small - 25g
  • Small - 35g
  • Large - 25g
  • Large - 35g
  • Large - 45g

Spare Connector Packs - contains 6 connectors, each having an average breaking strain of 32lb.

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