Drennan Series 7 Reels - Spare Spools
  • Drennan Series 7 Spools

Drennan Series 7 Reels - Spare Spools

Spare aluminium and composite spare spools to suit your Drennan Float, Feeder, Carp Feeder, Big Feeder, Carp Method and Specimen reels.

Spool requiredOur Price Quantity
Float 9-30 39mm Aluminium£8.95
Float 9-30 40mm Composite£3.95
Float 9-30 41mm Composite£3.95
Feeder 9-40 38mm Aluminium£8.95
Feeder 9-40 40mm Composite£3.95
Feeder 9-40 42mm Composite£3.95
Carp Feeder 9-45 46mm Aluminium£8.95
Carp Feeder 9-45 47mm Composite£4.95
Carp Feeder 9-45 48mm Composite£4.95
Big Feeder 9-50 40.5mm Aluminium£8.95
Big Feeder 9-50 48mm Composite£4.95
Big Feeder 9-50 51mm Composite£4.95
Carp Method BR 9-30 40.5mm Aluminium£8.95
Carp Method BR 9-30 42.5mm Composite£4.95
Specimen BR 9-40 36mm Aluminium£8.95
Specimen BR 9-40 45.5mm Composite£4.95

Product Description

These are the spare spools that can be bought to add variation and flexibility to the way you use your Drennan Series 7 reels. Aluminium and composite spare spools are available.


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