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Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Range

Made for targeting specimen barbel, chub, carp, etc. All the products in the range are available in 3 flavours - Cheese and Garlic, Shrimp and Krill or new Meat-Furter.

DescriptionPart CodeStockPriceQTY
Durable Hook Pellets - Shrimp and Krill - DY1360DY1360In Stock£4.85
Durable Hook Pellets - Cheese and Garlic - DY1361DY1361In Stock£4.85
Durable Hook Pellets - Meat-Furter - DY1362DY1362In Stock£4.85
Feed Pellets - Shrimp and Krill - DY1366DY1366In Stock£8.25
Feed Pellets - Cheese and Garlic - DY1367DY1367In Stock£8.25
Feed Pellets - Meat-Furter - DY1368DY1368In Stock£8.25
Groundbait - Shrimp and Krill - DY1370DY1370In Stock£8.45
Groundbait - Cheese and Garlic - DY1371DY1371In Stock£8.45
Groundbait - Meat-Furter - DY1372DY1372In Stock£8.45
Bait Soak - Shrimp and Krill - DY1378DY1378In Stock£5.99
Bait Soak - Cheese and Garlic - DY1379DY1379In Stock£5.99
Bait Soak - Meat-Furter - DY1380DY1380In Stock£5.99
Busters Hookbaits - Cheese and Garlic - DY1386DY1386In Stock£5.75
Busters Hookbaits - Shrimp and Krill - DY1387DY1387In Stock£5.75
Busters Hookbaits - Meat-Furter - DY1388DY1388In Stock£5.75
Paste - Cheese and Garlic - DY1394DY1394In Stock£5.75
Paste - Shrimp and Krill - DY1395DY1395In Stock£5.75
Paste - Meat-Furter - DY1396DY1396In Stock£5.75

Product Description

The new range of Big Fish River products from Dynamite Baits are made for targeting specimen barbel, chub, carp and other big fish. All the different products are available in three flavours - Cheese & Garlic, Shrimp & Krill or Meat-Furter.


This is a mighty fine fish catching mix! It can be used by simply throwing into a target area or mixed dry into a feeder. A heavy mix, specially formulated for fast flowing water. Contains good quality proteins and can be mixed wet/heavy for deeper waters or dry/light for explosive action and faster breakdown.

Bag Size: 1.8kg



When fish are wary of bigger baits, this paste could prove useful. It may be an old school method of fishing, but it’s tried and tested, landing many big fish in the process.

Pot Size: 250g


Busters Hookbaits

Named as ‘Busters’ by Dynamite, these oozing dumbells are superb for catching fish. Easy to hair – no need for drilling, and made with a slow breakdown recipe.

Tub Size: 140g


Feed Pellets

Bags of mixed pellets to match the three Big Fish River ranges – Cheese & Garlic, Shrimp & Krill and the new Meat-Furter. The 1.8kg bags include a mix of 4, 6 and 8mm pellets designed to hit the deck hard and attract fish from downstream. These highly-flavoured pellets can be used straight out of the bag or dampened and fished in a feeder. Great for those barbel fishing fans.

Tub Size: 1.8kg


Durable Hook Pellets

These are designed to leak flavour into the water from the moment you cast in and are around 12mm in size. Soft enough to hook direct but tough enough to hair-rig, the baits have a medium to long breakdown time so might be ideal for hair-rigging, perhaps alongside the matching Buster hookbait to achieve the best of both worlds. A great bait for barbel or chub fishing on all rivers.


Bait Soak

Made with natural food ingredients, these are designed to draw big fish into your swim. Add some to groundbaits, pellets, PVA bags or stick mixes for an instant boost! PVA friendly!

Bottle Size: 500ml

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