ESP Cryogen Barbless Hooks

Cryogenic tempering is a process used to improve the molecular structure of steel which in turn reduces stress and improves strength and wear resistance.

OptionOur Price Quantity
Curve Shanx Size 4 barbless£4.25
Curve Shanx Size 6 barbless£4.25
Curve Shanx Size 7 barbless£4.25
Curve Shanx Size 8 barbless£4.25
Curve Shanx Size 10 barbless£4.25
Gripper Size 4 barbless£4.25
Gripper Size 5 barbless£4.25
Gripper Size 6 barbless£4.25
Gripper Size 7 barbless£4.25
Gripper Size 8 barbless£4.25
Stiff Rigger Size 4 barbless£4.25
Stiff Rigger Size 5 barbless£4.25
Stiff Rigger Size 6 barbless£4.25
Stiff Rigger Size 7 barbless£4.25
Stiff Rigger Size 8 barbless£4.25

Product Description

Cryogen Barbless Hooks

New manufacturing techniques including both high temperature and cryogenic tempering have produced significantly stronger hooks with more durable, long life points.

Cryogenic tempering is a process used to improve the molecular structure of steel which in turn reduces stress and improves strength and wear resistance. It is used in many disciplines with Formula 1 engine parts being a classic example.

Bench tests on initial samples proved to us that the new tempering processes combined with improved designs and heavy forging resulted in hooks that were 25-30% stronger than other PTFE coated carp hooks in the same wire gauge. We subsequently sent the hooks for independent scientific testing on hardness and tensile strength and the tests carried out confirmed and supported our initial findings.

So rather than having to improve strength by simply increasing wire gauge, new manufacturing processes have allowed us to maintain optimum wire gauges for each size which allow for fine, ultra-sharp needle points which are now more durable than ever.

Curve Shanx

This is the same classic curve pattern previously known as the ESP Raptor, but this new range has been made even better by stepping up the wire gauge in each size and giving them the Cryogen treatment.

These Curves are now around 25% stronger than their predecessors while still retaining long fine needle sharp points which are now extra durable. These are highly effective in a whole variety of rig presentations (perfect for the Ronnie Rig) and their quick turning, anti-eject shape combined with a needle sharp point ensures exceptional hook holds.


This pattern is the culmination of striving to design the perfect all round beaked point carp hook.

The Gripper was subject to various design tweaks through the development process and the end result was well worth waiting for! The super fine, long curved point is the perfect shape and during testing, provided exceptionally secure hook holds. Other features include a 10-degree in-turned eye (slightly less than the Classic to allow for the inclined beaked point), heavy forging and of course, the slick PTFE Tufflon coating.

Stiff Rigger

This legendary hook pattern has been further refined and improved to make it the go-to hook for hinged stiff rig and chod rig presentations.

Compared with its predecessor the Mk-2, the super sharp point is longer and finer and more inclined towards the shank for a stronger shape. The point is also in-line with the 13 degrees out-turned eye so all the force is straight along the point section of the hook, rather than across the gape making them incredibly strong. Heavy forging and PTFE Tufflon coating plus no discernible increase in wire gauge but with superior strength, makes this the perfect pop-up hook!


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