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Guru X-Safe Method Feeders

The most advanced method feeder design available, featuring the unique GURU X-Safe (safe elastic) system.

Size requiredOur PriceQuantity
Large 28g£2.99
Large 45g£2.99
Small 24g£2.99
Small 36g£2.99
Mini Feeder Mould GMMM£3.50
Small Feeder Mould GMMS£3.50
Large Feeder Mould GMML£3.50

Product Description

This revolutionary method feeder from the Guru range is fantastic - it has taken the market by storm as it is the first elasticated in-line feeder that is completely fish safe. In the past, such feeders can remain tethered to a fish after the line breaks above the feeder. The new X-Safe gets round this by allowing the elastic to pull free, so completely releasing the feeder. Brilliant!

Also featured is a 'Hook Bait Platform'. This is a small recess built into the top of the design to house the hookbait before moulding the groundbait around the feeder. A quick-change clip, plus X-shape solid vented arms and weight-forward loading, add to the uniqueness of the X-Safe feeder. It also features an interchangeable system for swapping feeders around.

Tail Rubber and full instructions included.

Available in Small (24g or 36g) or Large (28g or 45g) sizes.

Guru X-PRESS Method Feeder moulds are also available to buy separately.

Product Video

Introducing the Guru X-Safe Method Feeder


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