Dave Harrell Lignum Stem Shouldered Top Stick Floats

Dave Harrell Lignum Stem Shouldered Top Stick Floats

A new improved design, good for fishing at range on medium flow rivers. Can be fished in depths up to sixteen feet.

SizeOur PriceQuantity
2 No 4 - R0044A£2.50
4 No 4 - R0045£2.50
6 No 4 - R0046£2.50
8 No 4 - R0047£2.50
10 No 4 - R0048£2.50
12 No 4 - R0049£2.50
14 No 4 - R0050£2.50

Product Description

This is an improved design on the previous version. If you need a fairly sensitive float tip, but also need to fish a fair way out, these lignum base floats offer everything you need.

They’re designed for use in medium flowing water, in depths up to around sixteen feet, and are generally used with a strung out shotting pattern using equally spread No 4 shot with a No 6 just above the hooklength - and a No 8 on it.

Available in 7 sizes from 4 No 4 through to 14 No 4.


New Size now available 2 No 4


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