Enterprise Pic Stick

Enterprise Pic Stick

A quick and simple-to-use aid for self-portrait photography that ensures you and the fish are in every photo. Hinged at the base so that it falls out of the shot. White sight board makes night shots simple.

Enterprise Pic Stick £19.95

Product Description

Enterprise Pic Stick   The Enterprise Tackle Pic Stick enables you to set up your camera for self portrait pictures of you and your specimen. This is probably best decribed as a set up target which replaces things like twigs or branches that you might otherwise have tried to press into use!   The package consists of a number of pieces that are shown in the second picture (above): 1 x stainless steel assembly with a knurled tension nut. 1 x 190mm base section. 1 x 190mm weighted top section. 1 x 190mm spigoted middle section. 1 x 100mm spigoted middle section. 1 x white target board. 1 x green carrying pouch. You will obviously also need a suitable bankstick camera and camera bankstick adaptor as these are not supplied.   In use the stick folds away with a quick tap or foot nudge out of camera view - so that the white target doesn`t finish up being photographed in front of the specimen. The set up is easy after familarising yourself with the bits. The entire kit only weighs about 260g (9oz) and the carrying pouch measures approximately 120 x 260 x 15mm.     Click HERE for Carp Mats & other items to assist with fish care!  


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