Drennan Power Hair Riggers

Drennan Power Hair Riggers

Specifically designed for Hair Rigs and the No Knot, this pattern offers the heaviest design in the range. Size: 8-18

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Product Description

This Drennan pattern is specifically designed for Hair Rigs and the No Knot. Its sharply angled eye looks peculiar but allows the hook to sit straight in line with the hooklink to improve presentation and hooking. This pattern is the one for your big fish needs!

Hook specification:

  • Eyed Barbless Bronze Wide Gape Special Bend
  • Short Shank
  • Nominal Wire Gauge 0.51mm (in size 14)
  • Forged Chemically Etched Needle Point
  • Available in sizes 8 to 18
  • 10 hooks per packet



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