Optonic G2 Radio Two Alarms + Receiver Set

Optonic G2 Radio Two Alarms + Receiver Set

Optonic Radio G2 with patented Run Length Detection feature utilising three blue LEDs.

Optonic G2 Radio Two Alarms + Receiver Set £139.00

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Product Description

Optonic G2 Radio (Two) Alarms + Receiver Set - G2O2HS

This is the amazing Optonic Radio G2 with its patented Run Length Detection feature.

The Run Length Detection feature utilises three blue LEDs, each of which illuminates, in sequence, after a preset length of line is taken by the fish.
Example: LED1 = 2cm, LED2 = 4cm, LED3 = 6cm

The distance increment is available in two settings allowing the user to choose the most suitable lengths to suit the fishing conditions:
Setting one – 2cm, 4cm & 6cm
Setting two – 4cm, 8cm & 12cm

All three LEDs will latch for 30 seconds.

Other features:

  1. Alarm LED – Supplied with blue, yellow, green or red LED. The alarm light illuminates when line is moving. It stops illuminating when line is stopped.
  2. Night Light – This will illuminate automatically when it becomes dark.
  3. Dip Switch – Offers 256 variable code combinations to prevent interference from another angler. Personal codes can be set up.
  4. Reset Function – This is an over ride feature that restores all functions should something jam or lock out.
  5. Low Battery Warning – When the battery is running low the three blue LEDs will flash in turn at low brightness. Should a run occur Alarm mode will resume. If the run stops the battery warning will reactivate.
  6. Range Test – Operational for three minutes, you are able to establish the maximum range between the transmitter and G2 Receiver. Up to 200m.
  7. Volume Adjustment – Offers four settings including mute.
  8. Tone Adjustment – Offers four settings.
  9. Extension Socket for Drop Off– Illuminates the' drop off' during a take and latches for 30 seconds.

G2 Radio Optonic Receiver:

Designed to accommodate up to four alarms, the G2 Receiver also offers four volume levels and four tone settings. All four LEDs also latch for 30 seconds. This particular set comes with TWO alarms.

Other features: Reset Function, Dip Switch, Default Setting and Antenna.


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